Natural Resources Commission okays Pond Lil preserve


INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Natural Resources Commission approved Pond ‘Lil Nature Preserve in LaGrange County as a new nature preserve during its meeting Tuesday.

Pond ‘Lil Nature Preserve comprises nearly 95 acres within Dallas Lake County Park. It illustrates the early stages of bog development. The shoreline is ringed by a floating mat of sphagnum moss and plant roots. Many typical bog plants grow on the floating mat, including tamarack trees, orchids, and insectivorous pitcher plants and sundews.

Over time, perhaps hundreds of years, the floating mat will likely expand toward the center of the pond. But for now, Pond ‘Lil will remain more pond than bog.

The nature preserve includes swamp and upland woods, and a prairie restoration that protect the watershed of the pond. Fauna of interest includes nest sites for sandhill crane and star-nose mole as well as state endangered Eastern massasauga rattlesnake.

An ADA-accessible trail circles the pond and a trail runs along the northern portion of the preserve.

The move increases to 281 the number of state-designated sites protected by the Nature Preserves Act, which is 50 years old this year.

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