Elkhart County Sheriff's Office Receives Second Accreditation
By: Mike Stiles - Saturday, August 21, 2021

(photo courtesy of Elkhart County Sheriffs Department)

(ELKHART) – The Elkhart County Sheriff's Office has achieved a special recognition.

Sheriff Jeff Siegel says on August 14, his office received their second
Certificate of Accreditation from the American Correctional Association (ACA) and the Commission on Accreditation for Corrections. The award was received after the corrections division went through a rigorous process of evaluation and assessment of the Sheriff’s Office’s policies and practices earlier this year. The final panel review took place in Nashville, Tennessee, on August 14, Sheriff Siegel and his staff, fielded questions related to their operations.

Siegel says the award demonstrates his team’s commitment to excellence and service to others. The Elkhart County Sheriff’s Office, Corrections Division, can hold nearly one thousand inmates, with a current population of over six hundred and fifty. The division is staffed with just over one hundred security officers, support staff, and administration personnel. Operations include detention security, processing, transportation, medical and mental health services, buildings and grounds, and other logistics.

The Elkhart County Sheriff's Office also provides programs for inmates to aid in reentry as well as other resources geared towards helping inmates provide a better life for themselves.


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