Howe Fire Department seeks funding to purchase pumper
By: Tim Murray - Tuesday, February 11, 2020

LAGRANGE – As the price of new firefighting equipment goes up it is putting a squeeze on small volunteer fire departments.

That was part of the message Howe Fire Chief Larry Watson brought to the Major Moves Committee Monday.

Watson came to ask for a grant of $100-thousand dollars in Major Moves Funds to go with another $200,000 the department has accumulated towards a new truck. The balance -- around $160,000 -- would have to be borrowed and paid back over six years.

County Councilman Jeff Brill made a motion to recommend a grant...but that motion died for lack of a second. Fellow councilman Steve McKowen and Commissioner Dennis Kratz preferred a loan from Major Moves rather than a grant...though it’s unclear how the department could repay a Major Moves loan and other borrowing at the same time.

The recommendation goes to the County Council and Commissioners. It takes 8 out of 10 votes of the combined boards to authorize Major Moves spending.


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