Lakeland board chooses $4.5 million bond issue


LAGRANGE – The Lakeland School Board voted 4-to-1 to move forward on a $4.5 million dollar bond issue Monday evening.

That was the maximum amount the district could raise while maintaining its current debt service levy. The bond would go on the tax rolls as the 20 year bond for the high school auxiliary gym is retired.

Just what that bond will pay for is still to be determined. The district's architect presented a lengthy list of upgrades and replacements needed in all the schools that totaled more than $11 million dollars.

It covers things like new boilers and water heaters, generators, air conditioning and security upgrades, and new bleachers. The only new construction on the list was an auxiliary gym at the middle school.

The board still has to prioritize which projects will be done.

The bond would not trigger the state's remonstrance petition law unless the amount of projects at the high school exceeds $2.3 million.

Part of Lagrange under boil water advisory