Eastwood Shows Of Updates And Improvements
By: Mike Stiles - Thursday, January 19, 2023

(photos courtesy of Mike Stiles and Emily Stemen)

(STURGIS) – The community had the opportunity to see the updates and upgrades done at Eastwood School on Thursday.

A ribbon cutting ceremony was held at the school on South Franks Avenue to show off the work that has been done over the last three years. Sturgis Schools Superintendent Dr. Art Ebert shares with the audience where the funding for the projects came from. ...... {LISTEN}.

Ebert says there is also performance contracting, which includes LED lights that save the District money over time.

Some of the projects that have been completed include a new roof on the building, the removal of pillars inside the hallways, new ceiling tiles, new desks and chairs in the classrooms, new interactive white boards, new projectors and new classroom PA systems. There is also new signage around the building, in English, Spanish and in braille.

In addition, there were also updates and improvements done to the Eastwood playground.

Students lead tours for the visitors of the classrooms and the playground area.

Ebert says more work will be done at Eastwood, including a secure vestibule area, re-imagining the media center and the student drop off and pick up area along with the parking lot, office renovations and upgrading the music, art and physical education areas of the building.


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