Wall School Unveils New Playgrounds
By: Mike Stiles - Thursday, September 9, 2021

Sturgis School staff and members of the Sturgis Chamber of Commerce Board attend the opening of the new Wall School playgrounds (photo courtesy of Mike Stiles/Swick Broadcasting)

(STURGIS) – Two new playgrounds were unveiled at Wall School Wednesday morning during a special ceremony.

The playgrounds are on the east side and west side of the Wall School Building. They were constructed by Sinclair Recreation, the company that also constructed the playgrounds at Congress and Wenzel Schools.

Wall School Principal Harmonee McCrea says there was a lot of input on what should be included in the new playgrounds. ...... {LISTEN}.

McCrea says the playgrounds mean a lot to the Wall students and to the community as well. ...... {LISTEN}.

Jeremy Bosman of Sinclair Recreation says they will provide curriculum to Wall School staff on how to use the new equipment.

Sturgis Superintendent Dr. Art Ebert says the next playground project will be at Eastwood School, and will be done in 2022. Money for the playground projects comes from the School District's building and site sinking fund.


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