Whitmer calls for flip of spring and fall sports
By: Mike Stiles - Thursday, July 2, 2020

(LANSING) - Baseball and softball in October? Football and volleyball in June? That is what the coming school year could look like if the Michigan High School Athletic Association acts on the suggestion Gov. Gretchen Whitmer made Tuesday afternoon, when she released a 63-page report detailing how schools will reopen this fall. The good news is the governor put the ball in the MHSAA’s hands, leaving it up to the governing body of high school athletics to determine the ins and outs of athletics this school year, but within the guidelines set forth by her report. After her news conference, Whitmer said she hoped the MHSAA could postpone the sports played in the fall and begin the school year by playing the sports normally played in the spring. The idea is to move contact-heavy sports (such as football and boys soccer) to the spring, when the COVID-19 outbreak hopefully will be better contained. The MHSAA will consider Whitmer's recommendation and any logical plan that could get us through a school year without the same major pauses or cancellations as the spring, when the coronavirus pandemic kicked the state in the teeth and ended sports seasons in mid-March. MHSAA Executive Director Mark Uyl says his biggest priority for the upcoming school year is that we will have three season of athletics. He says if that means we have to be creative at some point, then we will do so. Uyl is hoping to play the fall sports in the fall. But that could change depending on how the coronavirus pandemic moves to different regions of the state.