Patten gets life for St. Joseph County murder conviction
By: Mike Stiles - Monday, June 24, 2019

CENTREVILLE – A Portage man has been sentenced to life in prison for the 2017 murder of a Florence Township man.

St. Joseph County Circuit Court officials say 32 year old Zachary Patten was given that sentence Friday. Patten was found guilty May 17 in the July 2017 shooting death of 29 year old Shane Richardson. Patten was convicted of first degree murder, first degree felony murder, first degree home invasion and felony firearms.

Patten was arrested July 21, 2017 after turning himself in to police officers in South Bend, Indiana, a day after he shot and killed Richardson and a woman in a different incident.

Richardson was married to Patten's ex-wife. Patten drove to his ex-wife's house in the 16,000 block of Featherstone Road at 10:15 PM July 20. Patten was told to leave, but broke into the house and got into an altercation with Richardson, and then shot him. Richardson was taken to Three Rivers Health where he passed away a short time later.


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