Sturgis City Commission adopts budget

STURGIS – The City of Sturgis has their budget for the 2018-19 fiscal year.

During Wednesday's meeting the City Commission held a public hearing on the budget, which they must do before the final adoption. Commissioners unanimously approved the budget as presented.

City Manager Mike Hughes says Sturgis will be receiving more money from the State in Act 51 money for major and local streets. In Major Streets, there will be a 2.2 percent increase and in local streets 5.5 percent. That works out to an overall increase of 3 percent.

Hughes reminded the Commission that the operating millage increased from 10.0285 to 10.4623 to hire a Fire Marshall and a police position. He says Sturgis did not change their position compared to 29 other communities in Southwest Michigan.

Hughes says the City also approved a two percent increase in charges for water and wastewater as part of the rate design.

According to the budget, the projected revenues will be $49.223 million and the projected expenditures will be $49.277 million.