Defiant Attorney General Hill won't resign


INDIANAPOLIS – Embattled Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill gave a statement Monday morning in response to calls for his resignation.

Hill claimed he’s been treated unfairly and without due process following claims he inappropriately touched five women at a party following the end of the General Assembly.

"And yet somehow that standard of fairness, that benefit of the doubt, that presumption of innocence until proven guilty has escaped my grasp."

Voices on both sides of the political spectrum have called on Hill to resign, but he had these comments about one in particular.

"I respect the Governor. And I believe him to be an honorable man. And I wish he'd reached out to me regarding these accusations before rushing to judgement."

Hill also accused the media of having an appetite for sensationalism and scandal.

He also tried to cast doubt about the statement made by State Representative Mara Candalaria Reardon, who accused Hill of running his hand down her back and grabbing her buttocks.

Reardon told WBEZ radio in Chicago that "He had an opportunity to apologize for his behavior, accept responsibility & move forward. He chose to double-down on his denial and call us liars. That's unacceptable."

Hill did not answer questions from reporters, saying he would give his side of the story to an Inspector General’s investigation.

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