Suspicious man causes school lockdown in Three Rivers

THREE RIVERS – A Three Rivers school building was locked down Thursday after a man was seen with a gun.

Three Rivers Police say they were called to the area of Portage Avenue and Prutzman Street at 10:45 Thursday morning to investigate a suspicious man with a gun.

As a precautionary measure, Hoppin Elementary School went into lockdown at 10:45 AM. Three Rivers Public Schools says at 11:10 AM, Hoppin Principal David Soderquist was told the school could resume normal activities.

However at 12:15 PM. Police officials called Hoppin Elementary and told them to go into lockdown once again, with no movement allowed. At 1:05 PM, the school was notified by police that movement in the building was allowed, but no one could enter the school, and that students would be released to their parents at the door.

School officials were later contacted by Police, saying the lockdown had been lifted. Officers said the subject has been taken into custody and the weapon recovered.

So far, no further information has been released on the incident.