Remember to set clocks forward, test smoke detectors


Daylight saving time will begin tomorrow at 2 a.m. Residents are encouraged to include changing their smoke alarm batteries when changing their clocks forward an hour.
Checking your smoke alarms once a month and changing your batteries twice a year can be the extra protection to help keep your families safe” said Indiahna Fire Marshal Jim Greeson.

According to the National Fire Protection Association:
· Three out of five home fire deaths result from fires in properties without working smoke alarms.
· The chance of surviving a household fire is doubled in homes with working smoke alarms.
· Dead batteries cause one-quarter of the smoke alarm failures.

Remember to check the smoke alarm device date in addition to checking the batteries. Here are four simple steps to follow:
· Remove the smoke alarm from the wall or ceiling.
· Look at the back of the alarm for the date of the manufacture.
· If the manufacture date is more than 10 years old, it is recommended that the smoke alarm be replaced. Over time, sensors lose the ability to detect smoke.
· If the alarm is less than 10 years old, change the batteries and return the alarm to its location.

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