County employees to get severance pay


CENTREVILLE – St. Joseph County will be able to offer employees facing layoff a severance package.

During Tuesday's meeting, the County Commission approved a letter of understanding between the county and the AFL-CIO giving the county permission to present the packages to five employees facing layoff.

According to County Administrator Teresa Doehring, the AFL-CIO has three divisions in the County: Circuit Court, General and Juvenile/Family Court. Doehring says the layoffs will happen in the General Division, which has 25 employees.

Doehring says the employees laid off have the option to transfer to another division.

The severance comes out to one week of regular pay for every full year of employment with St. Joseph County.

Doehring says the AFL-CIO will look over the letter of understanding on Thursday. If it's approved, the layoffs could occur next week.

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