LaGrange Co. Council sets salaries for 2018


LAGRANGE – The LaGrange County Council had some salary issues to decide on Tuesday before it can approve a 2018 county budget.

Some – like a clerk for the county engineer and increases for the auditor’s chief deputy and deputy – were quickly adopted.

Others – like an increase for the prosecutor’s office manager and a second position in the GIS department – spurred some lengthy debate.

Prosecutor Greg Kenner telling council he wants to be able to keep good employees.

"I guess what I'd argue is if it takes a dollar an hour to encourage someone to stay on, our county's got a problem with that. We have a problem keeping employees, keeping good employees, and she's a very good one. You know there's always a possibility she can do better (elsewhere). The main reason I'm asking is I want to keep my good people."

In general, county employees will receive up to 3 percent increases, while most department heads will get that plus an extra $1-thousand dollars. Three department heads – the surveyor, auditor and maintenance director – will get an extra $3-thousand dollars.

The county will pick up the increased cost of health insurance for the 166 employees on the county policy.

Council scheduled a special meeting for October 30th to formally adopt the budget and salary ordinance.

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