Citizens Of The Year Honored At Sturgis Fest Dinner
By: Mike Stiles - Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Don Eaton (top) and Kimberlee Bontrager (bottom) speak during the 2021 Sturgis Fest Kick Off Dinner (photo courtesy of Mike Stiles/Swick Broadcasting)

(STURGIS) – Giving back to your community was the message shared during the 2021 Sturgis Fest Kick Off Dinner Tuesday night.

During the evening, the 2021 Citizens Of The Year were officially presented with their award and spoke to the audience gathered at the Sturges-Young Center For The Arts. Kimberlee Bontrager shared with the audience the same comments her father David Locey shared when he was named Citizen Of The Year in 2011. ...... {LISTEN}.

Don Eaton said while he was honored by being named Citizen Of The Year, this award was not about him. ...... {LISTEN}.

State Senator Kim LaSata introduced both Eaton and Bontrager. She also presented a special proclamation to Sturgis Mayor Bob Hile and City Manager Mike Hughes, in honor of the 125th anniversary of Sturgis becoming a city.


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