MSP Investigating Fraud Complaint
By: Mike Stiles - Monday, January 25, 2021

(UNDATED) – Michigan State Police are investigating a fraud complaint involving a St. Joseph County senior citizen.

Troopers says a person was contacted by individuals he believed to be his grandson and a lawyer, who stated his grandson was injured in an at-fault crash and needed $9,500 for medical and legal fees. The victim withdrew the money and sent it FedEx to a destination address that was given to him. The following day, the victim received another call, requesting and additional $9,500.

Michigan State Police warn citizens to always be skeptical of solicitations that come over the phone. Fraudsters often claim to be a loved one in immediate need of assistance after having been involved in an accident, or finding themselves in legal trouble.

Authorities strongly advise citizens to never send cash via mail or other means, and to always confirm with family prior to attempting to send any assistance.


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