Constantine Offers New Grant Program
By: Mike Stiles - Saturday, August 1, 2020

(CONSTANTINE) – A new grant program is being offered in Constantine.

The Constantine Downtown Development Authority wants to encourage new businesses to locate in their downtown area. Because of this, they have created a new grant program to offset the costs of modifying the existing older buildings.

DDA Director Diana Lammott says when you are dealing with older buildings, sometimes there are additional costs to make the space usable. Assisting with these costs can help the DDA create a more vibrant downtown, which in turn will increase the tax base.

It's a matching grant program, which means the DDA will pay up to half of the cost of a project. The remainder will come from the building or business owner. The grant will be capped at $5,000, and it is paid when the work is complete.

The DDA hired Community Consultant Rob Peterson to design the program with flexibility, allowing the property owner to invest in any permanent improvement that is required to assist a new business. The Board added a list of priority items to help guide them in making decisions on grants, such as work that will bring back a historic facade or projects that will support a local resident in opening a business.

The program is also available to existing businesses who are expanding, including those making use of outside space.

Anyone considering investment in downtown Constantine is encouraged to contact Lammott by calling 269-435-2085.


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