Goff Asked About COVID-19 Numbers
By: Mike Stiles - Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Erin Goff (photo courtesy of Linkedin)

(CENTREVILLE) – There have been a lot of numbers shared with the public regarding the coronavirus pandemic.

But they can be confusing as citizens try to really understand the impact of this disease on a local and national level.

During Tuesday's St. Joseph County Commission meeting, Commissioner Ken Malone asked Emergency Management Director Erin Goff if any time in the future either local or state authorities would be able to share numbers that have a little more meaning. He specifically was asking about the number of people who have been seeking help from the health care community.

Goff says that probably won't be happening locally any time soon. ...... {LISTEN}.

Goff says the CHA isn't able to track that kind of information due to the number of employees they have and that they cover a three county area. She says she reached out to the CHA and asked about those numbers, but was told that they are not being looked at by the CHA.


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