Lagrange Police aggressive in keeping drugs out
By: Tim Murray - Friday, February 21, 2020

LAGRANGE – Police in the Town of Lagrange have a reputation...and it’s one they are proud of.

Lagrange Marshal Rich Snyder told town board members this week the word is out among drug users and sellers and he’s happy they are getting the message.

"Some people might think that's all you are doing is stopping cars and getting drugs. Well we're stopping cars to show people that we are active."

"We have actual audio and video of people saying 'I told you I wouldn't go to Lagrange. These guys know what they're doing.' We get it in search warrants written in text; 'I'm not going to Lagrange.'"

"I love that because I don't want them here because they cause problems. It's not that they are a bad person. They have a bad problem and they make poor choices. We don't want that in our community."

Snyder explained the rationale behind the aggressive policing when it comes to stopping vehicles for violations. He says keeping drugs out of town helps keep other crime in check.


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