Commissioners give Gene Neely 6 more months
By: Tim Murray - Tuesday, January 21, 2020

LAGRANGE – The nuisance case against Gene Neely’s property in Elmyra has ground to a stalemate.

LaGrange County Commissioners got a status report from nuisance officer Bill Stewart on the property.

"I can't really say there is a nuisance out there right now. He's got trailers and trucks backed up against the fence. I can't tell you they're tagged. It's illegal for me to go on that property. I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place, gentlemen."

Stewart recommended a continuation of six more months to see if an investigation by planning and zoning can reach a determination.

But County Commissioner Terry Martin was opposed. He offered a motion to reinstate an earlier fine of $4,800.

"I'd just as soon fine him and move on. Nothing's changed. I know for a fact he's still getting junk and taking it to other locations, and sticking it behind the fence. We've had employees go out there and try to take photos of the property on county right of way. He confronts them on the road. Follows them down the road. Confronts them again. It's unacceptable," said Martin.

Martin’s motion died for lack of a second. Commissioners Larry Miller and Dennis Kratz voted extend the case another six months to July 20th.

In other business, the commissioners approved an ordinance to pay Pichtometry $22,479 in advance as a first draw in their aerial photography contract for GIS.

They also approved a motion to place the GIS department within the I-T Department.


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