Committee picks Lillywhite to finish SJC sheriff's term
By: Mike Stiles - Thursday, December 5, 2019

CENTREVILLE – On Wednesday St. Joseph County Clerk Lindsay Oswald announced that Undersheriff Mark Lillywhite will finish out the term of Sheriff Brad Balk, who announced he was retiring January 31st.

Oswald, along with Judge David Tomlinson and County Prosecutor John McDonough were tasked with finding the person to finish Balk's term. She says two candidates applied and were interviewed by the committee for qualifications in law enforcement, knowledge of internal operations and ability to carry out duties for the remainder of the term.

Oswald says it was the committee's unanimous decision to appoint Lillywhite for the remainder of the term, which ends December 31, 2020. She says Lillywhite has been instrumental in every aspect of the Sheriff's Department as second in command since 2009.

Lillywhite says he wasn't surprised when Balk asked him to consider putting his name is as a candidate to replace him. Lillywhite says Balk knew his ultimate goal was to be in a position to run for the position of sheriff and this is a big boost.

Lillywhite says his background puts him in a good position to finish Balk's term and run for the position on his own in 2020. He says he is honored to serve the citizens of St. Joseph County.

Lillywhite is a certified law enforcement officer with 25 years of experience.


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