LaGrange County Plan Commission hears proposed changes to ordinance
By: Tim Murray - Wednesday, November 6, 2019

LAGRANGE – The LaGrange County Plan Commission reviewed proposed changes to the planning and zoning ordinance aimed at streamlining processes and addressing new issues.

Planning and Zoning Administrator Robbie Miller proposed the changes in the way home based businesses are handled, calf feeding operations are regulated, and the type of accessory uses allowed in lake zones.

Currently the ordinance allows calf feeding operations of fewer than 150 calves without triggering the Animal Feeding Operation regulations and review. Miller says the county doesn’t receive complaints about large AFOs and CAFOs.

"I do believe that we have a responsibility to help protect the neighboring land owners. We don't have any complaints about the 29,500 bird farms."

She described a couple of recent cases involving calf feeding operations that did trigger complaints.

"It was all over Facebook -- a manure stream running through yards and a big thread of 'Call the county. The County won't do anything.' People don't understand. We don't have any control over the manure management plan. The state's took those out of the counties' hands."

Miller emphasized she wasn’t trying to prevent calf feeding operations, just add enough regulation to make them good neighbors.

Plan Commission members favored lowering the review trigger from the 100 Miller recommended to 50 calves.

The Plan Commission will have to hold a public hearing on the proposed changes before it can send it the county commissioners.


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