CHA Releases Survey Results About Quincy Schools
By: Mike Stiles - Monday, March 4, 2024

(photo courtesy of CHA)

(QUINCY) – Survey results regarding Quincy Community Schools have been released.

The Branch-Hillsdale-St. Joseph Community Health Agency released the information they collected from a survey of families in the Quincy School District, regarding environmental concerns.

During the February 19 Quincy School Board meeting, parents voiced their concerns over recent incidents of students experiencing tremors and seizures.

Quincy Superintendent Marc Kramer says the CHA did a walk through of the Middle School and High School buildings on February 21. In their report, CHA officials say they did not find any obvious concerns related to the environment of the school and they did not observe evidence of any active infestation of rodents or water infiltration due to damage with building materials.

Kramer says the District hired Michigan Air And Mold LLC to do air tests for mold, spores, dust and debris, rust, pollen and other items. The test results show the levels for those items were not elevated and that the Middle School and the High School meet all EPA and Air Quality Standards.

In addition, Kramer says Trace Analytical Laboratories did water tests in the buildings. He says they are waiting for one final test to be released, but all of the other results say there are no issues with the water supply in the Middle School and the High School and it is safe to be consumed.


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