State Distributing Marijuana Sales Revenues In Southern Michigan
By: Mike Stiles - Saturday, March 2, 2024

(photo courtesy of Michigan Dept. of Treasury)

(LANSING) – The State of Michigan is giving over $1 million to communities in Southern Michigan.

The State Department of Treasury announced Thursday they were distributing over $87 million in recreational marijuana excise tax revenue from Fiscal Year 2023 to 269 municipalities.

St. Joseph County has 17 recreational marijuana business licenses, and will receive $1,004,467.95. The City of Sturgis, with 7 licenses, will be getting $413,604.45. Three Rivers has 6 license and is receiving $354,518.10, while the Village of Constantine has 4 licenses and is getting $236,345.40.

There are 14 licenses in Branch County, which equates to $827,208.90 coming from the State. The City of Coldwater has 11 of the licenses and will be getting $649,949.85, while the Village of Quincy has 3 licenses and will be receiving $177,259.05.

Cass County will receive $413,604.45, because of their 7 licenses. Cassopolis and Edwardsburg both have 2 licenses and will each receive $118,172.70. The Village of Dowagiac, the Village of Marcellus and Marcellus Township each have 1 license. They will each get $59,086.35.


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