Debbie Davis Files To Run For St. Joseph County Prosecutor
By: Mike Stiles - Monday, February 5, 2024

(photo courtesy of Facebook)

(COLON) – A member of the St. Joseph County Prosecutor’s Office would like to be the next leader of the department.

Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Debbie Davis has filed her paperwork and will be seeking to become the next Prosecutor. She moved from private practice 3.5 years ago and became as Assistant Prosecutor.

In a posting on her Facebook page, Davis says she didn’t realize when she took the position, it would lead her to discover this area of law was her passion. She says she dove in head first to training, learning and trying to be the best possible legal advocate she could be.

Davis says she knew that announcing she was going to run for St. Joseph County Prosecutor in 2024 would be controversial, but she says she could not have ever imagined what some people will do or say to serve their own interests.

Davis says she talked the matter over with trusted family and friends, and decided that if challenging Incumbent Prosecutor David Marvin would result in losing her current position, it was something she felt strongly about.

Davis says while she has dedicated the last 3.5 years of her career to serving the community as an assistant prosecutor, she looks forward to the next couple of decades of being able to serve St. Joseph County as the elected Prosecutor if given the opportunity.


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