Lindsey Says Tax Relief Should Address Everyone’s Needs
By: Mike Stiles - Monday, January 30, 2023

Jonathan Lindsey (photo courtesy of Michigan Senate)

(LANSING) – Michigan State Senator Jonathan Lindsey has introduced an amendment to proposed tax reforms that would reduce the State’s income tax.

Lindsey, a Republican from Allen, says his proposal would reduce the State’s income tax from it’s current 4.25% to 0%. It also calls for simple, equitable relief for all Michigan families and seniors.

Lindsey says tax relief is a major priority, but the plans proposed by Senate Democrats are woefully inadequate when it comes to addressing the actual issues people are facing. He says these bills leave countless people’s with no relief at all.

Lindsey’s amendment makes him the only lawmaker to propose and immediate elimination of the State’s income tax this term. He says the government is sitting on a record surplus of dollars that belong to the people of Michigan and we don’t need any long, drawn out reform. Lindsey says we need bold action that gets government out of people’s pockets and focuses on responsible, conservative budgeting of State resources.

Lindsay has also supported efforts to provide tax relief to all Michigan seniors instead of just exempting pensions from the state income tax, as proposed by the Democratic majority.


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