LaGrange County Trying To Find Solution With Radios
By: Mike Stiles - Thursday, January 19, 2023

(photo courtesy of LaGrange County)

(LAGRANGE) – LaGrange County is taking steps to help resolve issues with their radio and dispatch equipment.

During this week’s meeting, the LaGrange County Commission gave County Attorney Kurt Bachman permission to assist in a resolution with ATT of the ongoing problems between the County and the communications company.

The County purchased the Motorola dispatching counsels and the radio links in 2021 for $339,000. They were installed in their Dispatch Center, but they have never been used. LaGrange County Sheriff Tracy Harker told the Commission that ATT was supposed to make sure the equipment would access all the frequencies that the Sheriff’s Office uses, but that has not happened. He also said the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office has the same problem.

The Commission told Bachman to do what he can to help resolve the problem, even if it means filing a lawsuit against the company.


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