Thursday morning sports

Detroit 7, Cincinnati 4 – Jim Aducci's home run gives the Detroit Tigers a 3-0 lead over the Cincinnati Reds. Detroit went on to win 7-4.
Cleveland 2, Minnesota 0 – Rajai Davis scores a run on a double steal attempt where Jose Ramirez was thrown out at second base. The run gives the Cleveland Indians a 1-0 lead over the Minnesota Twins. Cleveland went on to win 2-0.
Cubs 9, Pittsburgh 2 – Wilson Contreras hits a 2-run HR to give the Cubs a 9-1 lead over the Pirates. Chicago beat Pittsburgh 9-2. Cole Hamels made a good first impression for the Cubs. Hamels picked up the win in his Cubs debut, and collected his first hit since 2016.
Kansas City 10, White Sox 5 – Alex Gordon hits a 2-run double to give the Royals a 2-1 lead over the White Sox. They would build that lead to 10-1 before beating Chicago 10-5.

Lansing 10, South Bend 3
Dayton 7, Fort Wayne 5

ESPN Senior Writer Dan Murphy spoke on Wednesday night about the situation at Ohio State after head coach Urban Meyer was placed on administrative leave. Meyer claimed to not be aware of domestic violence allegations against an assistant coach from 2015. Murphy discusses what the assistant coach's wife, Courtney Smith, had to say in an interview with Stadium.