LaGrange County will have state collect innkeepers tax
Monday, May 13, 2019

LAGRANGE – The LaGrange County Council approved both readings of an ordinance Monday that would change who collects the county’s inkeepers’ tax.

Council President Peter Cook explained the state might have a stronger influence in collecting the tax.

Jason Boggs reported to the county on the progress of the justice building construction. He said poor weather has slowed progress and completion is likely pushed back to the end of June.

Sheriff Jeff Campos reported the General Assembly failed to pass an increase in the daily prisoner reimbursement from $35 to $50. Instead, Campos said lawmakers approved an increase of $2.50 per day this year and $2.50 per day next year. He said the Indiana Sheriff’s Association will continue to push for the larger increase during the next session.

Prior to the council meeting the Human Resources Committee forwarded a request by Campos to change the way sheriff’s department personnel accrue vacation time to the Handbook Review Committee.

H-R Committee members delayed action on a request by Building Department Director Jason Boggs to make a part-time inspector position fulltime next year.

Boggs said Tom Marks resigned the position and it is difficult to find someone willing to take it part-time.


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