Howe Military focused on cadets following announcement
Thursday, March 21, 2019

HOWE – For the 75 students and 51 staff members, the closing of Howe Military Academy will hit the hardest.

They’re the ones who will feel the immediate impact of the decision.

President Dr. Thomas Tate said they are working hard towards the welfare of students. Tate spoke with seniors first on Monday, telling them their leadership during this tough time will be their legacy. He also held a video conference with some parents and will have a meeting for all parents during Parents Weekend.

Asked if it would be possible to reverse course if a major donation came in, Tate said he was certain the Board of Trustees would reconvene if such a contribution came in. But Tate said realistically it would take considerably more than 3 to 3-and-a-half million dollars for something like that to happen.

The question still unanswered is what happens to the historic campus?

Board of Trustees President Phil Malone – a longtime Howe resident – was asked what the long term impact will be. Malone said "It's too early to tell. It's emotional right now but we're not going to incur any debt. We have some plans. We're going to stay in grace with everything that goes on here."

One more immediate impact has to do with the sewer system being built in the area now. We asked the LaGrange County Regional Utility District if the school’s closing would impact the rates in Region C.

LCRUD General Manger Adam Sams said the original calculations were based on the number of students at the school. He said they would work with their rate consultant and with whatever entity were to take over the campus.

Sams added there was some wiggle room built into the original rate calculations and they are hopeful the school's closing won't have an effect on rates.