Commissioners sign order in Elmira nuisance case
Monday, January 7, 2019

LAGRANGE – LaGrange County Commissioners signed the orders Monday confirming their December 28th decision in an Elmira nuisance case.

The commissioners chose to put a hold on $4,200 in fines against Gene Neely and set March 4th as the date for a status conference to determine if the nuisance is abated.

The three year old case resulted in fines of $200 per week for Neely, whose property has seen numerous junk items come and go over the years. The County Planning and Zoning Department is said to be working on a zoning violation case against Neely.

Commission President Larry Miller said he drove by the property recently and most of the junk was either removed or behind the fence.

The commissioners approved two reductions to the new justice building project with a savings of $7,837.00.

They appointed Cletus Shenkel and Gary Turner to the LaGrange County Regional Utility District board of directors, and former auditor Kay Myers to the county redevelopment commission.

Larry Miller was again chosen to lead the commission as president in 2019 and Terry Martin as vice-president.