Commissioners impose fines in Elimira nuisance case
Monday, December 3, 2018

LAGRANGE – The LaGrange County Commissioners affirmed their order in a nuisance case this morning and imposed $3,400 in fines against Gene Neeley.

The commissioners re-convened a nuisance hearing this morning after giving Neeley another 60 days to remove junk from his property at 3445 South County Road 1145 East in Elmira.

"I didn't realize I has as much stuff. Didn't figure it would take me this long and I'm still working at it. I've been hauling load after load," Neeley told commissioners.

But most of that activity took place in the last two weeks and items still remain outside the fence, which is falling down in places.

Commissioner Terry Martin made the motion to affirm the order and fines.

"I'm thinking if I'm that concerned about losing my property I would have had it done a long time ago. He's had sixty days now he's waited till the last two weeks to start cleaning things up. I just don't see it changing any. Unfortunately it puts us in a spot to do something. I've looked at some of the other cases we've had over the years and I don't think there are any cases we let go four years," Martin told his fellow commissioners.

The commissioners voted 2-1, with Dennis Kratz opposed, to impose the fines against Neeley at the rate of $200 per week retroactive to July 31st.

They asked county staff for an update on the situation at their December 28th meeting.