Sturgis Public Schools to update facilities assessment
Wednesday, October 10, 2018

STURGIS – Sturgis Public Schools is trying to get a list together of facility needs in the District.

During Monday's Sturgis Board of Education Study Session, Superintendent Art Ebert shared that Tower Pinkster did a facility needs assessment two years ago. But Ebert says the District wanted to be mindful of taxpayer dollars, and since not much changed, they did a smaller, refresher assessment.

The focus of the refresher assessment was on things that would have changed over the last two years.

Ebert says the report came back with two levels of priorities. Priority one is things that should be fixed or addressed in the next one to five years. Priority two is things that should be fixed or addressed in the next six to ten years.

Ebert says they will take the report and present it to the Board, building staff and principals, PAC groups, service organizations and community groups to get their input on what the priorities should be.

With that information Ebert says the District will then put together a plan on what should be done and when.