LaGrange Co. again ranks high in health outcomes


INDIANAPOLIS – LaGrange County is one of the top 10 healthiest counties in the state according to the Alliance for a Healthier Indiana.

The group provided statewide health statistics for Indiana’s 92 counties reflecting the 2017 calendar year.

LaGrange County ranked eighth in overall health outcomes in the state. In the four county area Steuben is next at 21st, Noble at 43rd, and DeKalb at 59th.

Although ranked the healthiest in the area, LaGrange County residents smoke more than residents of Steuben, Noble and DeKalb counties.

But LaGrange County had the lowest rate of opioid prescription use in the four counties, with 23 prescriptions per 100 population. Steuben County was the highest with 82 prescriptions per 100 population.

The overall study shows that Indiana was ranked 38th out of 50 states in overall health outcomes.

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