Get prepared now for winter weather


UNDATED – The forecast over the next few days is calling for snow showers.

While there won't be significant accumulation, it's a good reminder for us to get ready for the possibility of more snow and colder temperatures.

Starting with you vehicle, make sure that the tires are inflated properly and if you need new tires, get them. Bad traction can lead to slide offs and accidents. Also, make sure that your heater and defrosters are working properly and that you engine's fluids are at the correct levels.

It's a good idea to carry in your vehicle a tow strap or rope in case you get stuck or need to help someone out of a ditch. Also carry a flashlight, some sand or kitty litter for traction and an extra coat, hat and gloves in case you get stuck and are not able to walk to safety. You may also want to have some non perishable snacks and water in your vehicle as well.

You should also make sure your home and office is ready in case you get snowed in. Have food stuffs available along with water and other beverages like sports drinks. If you take medication, you should have a week's supply on hand in case you can't get out due to the weather.

Keep your walk ways and driveways clear of snow and ice. Also, keep any exhaust pipes clear of snow and ice build up so fumes don't back up in your home.

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