Michigan AG investigating Branch County prosecutor


UNDATED – An investigation of Branch County Prosecutor Ralph Kimble now involves the Michigan Attorney General.

According to WWMT, the Attorney General's office is not saying much about this matter, but a letter does confirm that an open investigation into Kimble is underway.

It was reported two weeks ago that three women who worked at the Branch County Courthouse said Kimble made advances and inappropriate sexual comments towards them. One of those workers filed a civil rights complaint for sexual harassment and retaliation with the Michigan Department of Civil Rights.

One of the women still works at the Courthouse, while the other two are no longer employed there. One of the former employees is Evon Staley. She filed a lawsuit against Kimble in October, claiming that he touched her inappropriately and called her at night to talk about sex.

The other two women wish to remain anonymous.

Kimble released a statement saying he denies all allegations of sexual harassment. He says Staley's lawsuit is in retaliation for her firing because of her involvement in an illegal marijuana growing and manufacturing operation at her house.

WWMT is also reporting that a day after the story first broke, video of Kimble going on a rant at the courthouse surfaced. Security at the building was tightened because of that incident.

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