Glen Oaks tweeks Concourse redesign


STURGIS – The Glen Oaks Community College Board of Trustees received an update on the possible renovation to the school's concourse.

During Thursday's meeting, Glen Oaks President Dr. David Devier said the committee met with the architect and refined the design for the concourse slightly.

Devier says the committee is meeting again with the architect November 20th to go over the plans one more time. The entire campus will be invited to come in and see the plan and give their input as well.

Devier says the reason they are moving quickly on these plans is because of the possibility of getting another USDA Loan. It was thought the USDA won't have any money to lend until early December, but they have received money to lend now. Devier says they hope to get the preliminary plans to the USDA architect of possible approval and another loan.

Devier thanked everyone who has served on this committee for their hard work. He also said he would like to look at coming up for a name for the concourse, and not just call it, “The Concourse”.

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