Downed line leaves many Michiana residents in the dark


LAGRANGE – A power line came down in Lagrange this morning, causing an outage that affected customers in Lagrange and beyond.

It happened before 6 a-m and lasted approximately one hour for many customers, including those on REMC’s north substation.

A NIPSCO spokeswoman said repair crews were still working at mid-day to repair the downed line, which was apparently damaged by high winds during last Saturday’s storm. Power was routed around the line while crews worked on the problem.

Sturgis Electric customers on the city’s south side also experienced an outage around that same time. Electric Superintendent John Griffith said the outage was due to the NIPSCO supply line.

By mid-morning power was restored to many Sturgis customers but some scattered areas remained without electricity.

The city receives three power feeds, and one comes from NIPSCO and Indiana. A second feed was down due to last Saturday’s storm. City personnel were able to reroute some of the third feed to partially restore power. The remaining outages had to wait until the NIPSCO feed was repaired. That happened around 3 p-m.

Downed line leaves many Michiana residents in the dark
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