Bronson Approves Trash Pick Up Contract
By: Mike Stiles - Wednesday, February 10, 2021

(BRONSON) – Trash, bulk item pick up and recycling will continue to be taken care of in Bronson by Republic Services.

During their meeting Monday, the Bronson City Council voted to approve a new five year contact extension with Republic Services. Bronson City Manager Brandon Mersman shared with the City Council that if Bronson would agree to a longer contract extension, then Republic would reduce their monthly charge per home to $15.91 from the present rate of $17.39 for the first year of the new contract.

The rate per home would then go up yearly by three percent, which comes out to approximately 50 cents per year. Mersman told the Council that it wouldn't be until the fourth year of the agreement that the price would be back up to $17.39 per home.

Mersman also shared that bulk pricing would remain at the current contract price of $15 for non appliances and $25 for appliances.


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