Whitmer Remembers COVID Fatalities In SOS Address
By: Mike Stiles - Thursday, January 28, 2021

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (photo courtesy of State of Michigan)

(LANSING) – Governor Gretchen Whitmer's 2021 State of the State Address started on a somber note.

With the backdrop of COVID-19 still looming in Michigan, Whitmer begin her speech last night by saying this was a tough year for Michigan, and remembering those who have died from COVID-19. ...... {LISTEN}.

As of Wednesday night's address, 14,411 Michiganders have died from COVID-19 complications since March.

Whitmer also focused part of her speech on plans to recover from COVID-19. She has set a goal to vaccinate 50,000 Michiganders every day once
supplies improve, and asked for people to be patient until the.

Whitmer also promoted her $5.6 billion MI COVID-19 Recovery Plan. She said it will prioritize distributing vaccines, getting our kids back on track and supporting small businesses to jump start the Michigan economy.


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