Sturgis To Test Residential Wells
By: Mike Stiles - Thursday, July 9, 2020

(photo courtesy of Google Maps)

(STURGIS) – The City of Sturgis will be doing sampling of some residential wells.

During Wednesday's meeting, the Sturgis City Commission was presented with a request from Waste Water Treatment Plant Supervisor Thomas Sikorski who shared what his department would like to do. ...... {LISTEN}.

Letters were sent to 13 businesses and households on Big Hill Road, south from U.S. 12 to Wilderness Trail. Sikorski says a meeting was held Tuesday to speak with those individuals, but the turnout was not very good.

In October 2019, Sturgis sampled water from the Big Hill Landfill groundwater treatment system at three locations. The first test results showed PFOA levels of 11.5 parts per trillion and PFOS levels of 5.15 parts per trillion. At the second testing, there was no detection of either contaminants. A final testing showed PFOA levels of 4.1 parts per trillion and no PFOS.

With the State currently in the process of approving new drinking water standards, the City voluntarily expanded testing to three additional monitoring wells on City property south of the previous test sites. The additional sites were tested on February 19 and the results were received March 9. One location had results of PFOA at 10.4 ppt and PFOS at 5.3 ppt. The second site returned a PFOA result of 7.2 ppt. All other tests for PFOA, PFOS and other PFAS contaminants returned no detection.

Sikorski says Fleis and Vandenbrink Engineering will do the actual well testing at a cost of $15,278. The Commission approved the proposal by a unanimous vote.


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