Community Helping Provide Face Mask to Health Care Facilities
By: Sheila McCrea - Friday, March 27, 2020

Win Perkins and Jayne Perkins are pictured sewing in the collage.

HUDSON, IN - With the recent shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) hospitals are asking help from the community. Crafters across the nation are picking up the needle and thread to help hospitals and health care facilities in need of not only face masks, but also other garments.

Cindy Courtright of Hudson (IN) is an avid sewer. With the recent pandemic potentially causing a nationwide shortage of PPE’s and other garment items, Courtright and friends in her sewing network are picking up pins and needles to help stitch-fix the problem. They have been making face masks and reusable isolation gowns.

Courtright says she is in need of sewers who have a serger machine and basic garment skills to sew reusable isolation gowns for staff caring for affected residents. She and many volunteers have delivered these items to many hospitals, nursing homes, and other facilities. She even has kits ready for people with sewing skills to get started and finish. Courtright emphasizes that this is an URGENT volunteer opportunity because of the need for a quick turnaround. Those who are ready and able to sew can contact Cindy Courtright at 260.668.6863.

Courtright and her team of volunteers have been working with one particular healthcare agency for several weeks. Courtright is humble about the work she is doing as the group organizer, saying she is just using the talent God gave her.

Some area health networks have supplied sewers with kits that contain medical grade materials. Many of the masks being created will primarily be used for patients. Any material that isn’t N95 certified will be used as a last resort for healthcare workers.


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