Sturgis Burger King closes as employees walk out
By: Mike Stiles - Wednesday, February 19, 2020

STURGIS – The Sturgis Burger King Restaurant was scheduled to close for good on February 22.

But the facility closed on Tuesday, due to some unplanned circumstances.

Sturgis Burger King General Manager Robert Snyder says they were told two weeks ago that the restaurant was going to close on February 22. Originally, Tria Company LLC told the Sturgis staff they were going to close the Burger King and open an Arby's. But the plans changed and Tria announced they were closing down the restaurant.

Tria does not own the building in Sturgis, they rent it from another party.

Snyder says Tria contacted him and told him he was suspended for reaching out to other Burger King franchises to see if they would like to consider opening a restaurant in Sturgis. In a show of support, Snyder's crew walked out with him.

Snyder says over the years, Tria had said they would do remodeling projects to the Sturgis restaurant, but instead spent money on less profitable locations.

Snyder says he has been in contact with another Burger King franchise who has shown interested in opening a restaurant in Sturgis.

Snyder says if citizens want to have a Burger King in Sturgis to go online to Burger King's website which is bk dot com and let them know you would like to keep the restaurant here.

We reached out to Tria Company LLC, but so far they have not returned our call.


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