Today is the third anniversary of the killings of 2 Delphi girls
By: ABC News - Thursday, February 13, 2020

DELPHI -- It's been three years since Liberty German and Abigail Williams were dropped off for a hike in Delphi, Indiana. Their murderer still has not been identified.

Over the last three years, Indiana State Police have interviewed more than a thousand people, followed up on 40-thousand tips, the reward for information leading to a killer has reached a quarter million dollars.

Police have released sketches and video of the male suspect, even a piece of audio captured on Libby's phone. Yet the one tip that would break open the case still has not been uncovered.

Last April Indiana State Police Superintendent Doug Carter saying they believe the suspect lives or has lived in Delphi ... and is a man believed to be 18-to-40 years old.

Carter directly addressed the person they're looking for, saying police may have already interviewed them, and calling him a coward for killing the two girls.

Three years later six to eight people are working on the case any given day.


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