Constantine Village Council takes no action on ordinance committee idea
By: Mike Stiles - Tuesday, December 3, 2019

CONSTANTINE – No action was taken on the proposal to create an ordinance committee for the Village of Constantine.

During Monday's Village Council meeting, Village Manager Mark Honeysett shared in a memorandum that the agenda item was brought by a man who believes the citizenry should have more input with regard to amending and revising current ordinances or crafting new ones for the Village.

Honeysett says the citizens have always had opportunity to participate as the Village seeks to amend or create new ordinances. That is either through informal methods such as letters, e-mails or attendance at regular meetings, or by attending public hearings where input is formally solicited.

Honeysett says the job of reviewing ordinances, drafting changes or creating new ordinances falls to Constantine's ordinance officer, their attorney and to Honeysett as Village Manager and Police Chief.

Honeysett explains that ordinances are complex, and a committee adds another step in the process that is already there. He says adding a committee is turning these matters over to individuals who don't know how the law works and how ordinances are created and enforced.

Some citizens spoke to the Council saying that this kind of committee is needed, but Council members did not bring the matter up for a vote.


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