No more mosquito spraying planned for Lagrange County
By: Tim Murray - Wednesday, October 9, 2019

LAGRANGE – For now, no more aerial spraying of mosquitoes is planned for Lagrange County.

County Commission President Larry Miller said last week’s spraying was completed successfully.

"We've been back and forth with [state health officials] quite a bit. They did spray Wednesday evening but then one of the valves on the sprayer, they had problems with that, so Thursday night they did come out and finish the rest of it."

"The problem definitely was in the southern part of the county. From the restaurant down there, Copper Top, for a mile either direction I know of four horses that died in that area. Two of them they verified with the vet. Two of them they never got the vets out but that's what they're thinking that they died from."

"Haven't had any phone calls from anyone who had any complaints on it so far," Miller added.

Some bee-keepers expressed concerns to television news media there was not enough notice for them to protect their hives. They feared the insecticide used would kill large numbers of bees as well.


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