After two years LaGrange Co. Drug Court is making a difference
By: Tim Murray - Monday, August 12, 2019

LAGRANGE – After just two years in existence Lagrange County’s Drug Court is having an impact.

Superior Court Judge Lisa Bowen-Slaven told county council members Monday one of the biggest benefits of the program is that participants are working.

"Everybody has to work. They're all working. They love working actually. Employers, we get nothing but great feedback from them. We have several that either have bachelors degrees or are very close to getting a bachelors degree."

She cited Morgan Olson as a shining example of the employers they work with.

Judge Bowen-Slaven told council the drug court is saving the county money as well.

"They're kids are not in the welfare system. They're living with them. They're providing for them. They're paying child support now. We're saving money all the way around. Our success rate is well above the national average."

The judge closed by saying that despite the successes there will always be some who won’t make it.

"Obviously you'll always have a few in the program that are just trying to avoid jail. They'll last maybe a month and then they'll be done. It will be easier for them to go sit in the jail."


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