Commissioners approve courthouse historical fund
By: Tim Murray - Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Mitchell's Satyr

LAGRANGE – The LaGrange County Commissioners approved an ordinance this week creating a fund for a project to show off the history of the county courthouse.

The LaGrange County Community Foundation is providing a $5,000 grant to get the project rolling.

Superior Court Judge Lisa Bowen-Slaven said the project includes historical pictures and narratives on the walls of the building, a web site about the history of the building and the county, along with brochures and quizzes for students who tour the building.

The commissioners also voted to preserve nature this week. They authorized the county parks and recreation department to apply for a Great Lakes Initiative Endangered Species grant.

The federal and state governments want to preserve a fen in the northern part of the county that is the only known site in the state for the endangered Mitchell’s Satyr butterfly-- one of the world’s rarest butterflies.

The grant would allow the parks department to purchase the site and hold it as a nature preserve...not a park.


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