6th Annual "Little John's Lemonade Stand"


"Little John's Lemonade Stand" was started in the summer of 2012 by Grace Johnson and Emily McCrea along with their families. The annual "4th of July Holiday" weekend lemonade stand is in honor of their friend (and Emily's cousin) John Stukey who lost his battle with cancer at a young age. Each year the girls have the lemonade stand at Lake Gage in Northeast Indiana. All the proceeds benefit children who battle cancer. The stand has grown and evolved through the years with the support of the community, area businesses, organizations, etc.

The yearly the stand is visited by area Legion Riders, Police Officers, Political Figures, Teachers, and family and friends both near and far who have played a huge part in collecting donations. They even have a facebook page to share memories, create awareness, and keep all informed of our next project and annual event.

Once again Grace Johnson and Emily McCrea, soon to be 6th graders at Prairie Heights Middle School, will be hosting "Little John's Lemonade Stand". Olivia Stoy from Angola, Indiana is this year's lemonade stand recipient. This is the second time that the event put on by Grace and Emily has honored Olivia.

This year, proceeds from “Little John’s Lemonade Stand” will be given towards Olivia and her family’s efforts to help cover the cost of the bone marrow transplant. The original estimate is $900,000. The family has negotiated a price with the hospital and needs to raise $350,000 before for the bone marrow transplant can take place which is estimated to begin July 2018.

The girls will be having the lemonade stand on Saturday, June 30th from 8-3pm at 6350 W Orland Rd Angola, IN (Lake Gage).

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